Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever

Your Best Year Ever Does Not Start January 1st, It Starts Today

Today, I listened to a podcast of Pat Flynn where he interviewed Hal Elrod. Both of guys are inspiring characters. You can make your new year best ever by listening to this very interview and taking actions. The transcript (pdf) is also available on podcast page.

Hal Elrod: It’s a perfect topic because my first ever live event coming up in December, Best Year Ever Blueprint. All my time right now is figuring out how to help an audience really go into the New Year prepared to make it their best year ever.

For me, I’ve been really fortunate, whether it was mentors or my own initiative, I’ve had some years where I was able to almost triple my income from one year to the next.

I had a goal of writing a book for three years and failed. All of a sudden I was able to write the book. I was able to really make these breakthroughs.

Here is one of the most important lessons. I’m not sure when this is going to air but most people, when they start to end the year, they start to take their foot off the gas. They start to get a little bit lazy, they start to feel like they have the fresh beginning starting in January. What ends up happening is they go into the holidays and they create an arsenal of what I call holiday habits, which are bad habits – over eating, over sleeping, just overall laziness and mediocrity.

Most people go into the New Year with great intentions and an arsenal of bad habits. We know our results are largely created by our habits.

The premise of Best Year Ever Blueprint, the lesson is your best year ever does not start January 1st, it starts today, it starts at the very latest December 1st. If you’re hearing this on December 15th, it starts today, whenever that is.

It’s the idea that people need to understand that you need to finish this year in the way that you need to live next year. December needs to be the best month of your life if you want 2015 to be the best year of your life. Whatever you want to accomplish in 2015, don’t make the mistake that 99% of people make, which is go “Well, I have until January 1st to start”, right? Then you wake up late on January 1st because you were up partying for New Year’s or whatever, right?

The reality is who we’re becoming is determining everything. It’s about going into December and going “How can I make this the best month of my life?” and if you’re listening right now and it’s Christmas eve or whatever, you go “How can I make this the best week of my life?,” “How can I treat between now and the end of the year the way that I need to treat all of 2015 so that I can become the person that I need to be to create the best year of my life before it even starts.”

It’s kind of like training for a marathon. You train for a marathon. 2015 is the marathon. You train for the marathon leading up to it, right? If you were training for a marathon, you wouldn’t do what you would normally do during Christmas and New Year’s, you’re like “I’ve got a marathon starting in a couple of weeks so I’m going to eat so much.”

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