Programming the Internet of Things with iOS

with Michael Lehman

Course Detail

2h 49m Intermediate Nov 13, 2014

Viewers: 1,798 in 82 countries (as per time of this post)

The “Internet of Things” is a catchy way of describing the variety of devices connected through the Internet. This includes webcams, wearable tech-like smartwatches, car sensors, appliances, and even rudimentary robots. What the Internet of Things (IoT) offers is a way to manipulate the real world—the physical world—from the web. In this course, Michael Lehman shows how to program these “things” and build companion apps to monitor and record their activities from iOS devices. Learn what’s inside a thing, how location-awareness technologies such as iBeacon connect the IoT in public spaces, and how you can create your own things with hardware like the Arduino and Raspberry Pi kits. Michael also shows how to use IFTTT services to control things on iOS, and muses on the future of IoT. Along the way, you’ll gain experience with real-world IOT-driven projects, like a mini weather station and a home lighting system.

Topics include:

  • Exploring the IoT universe
  • Understanding sensors and effectors
  • Connecting inputs and outputs
  • Connecting to devices via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  • Using Apple iBeacon
  • Creating your own things with programmable hardware
  • Using IFTTT to program things
  • Exploring trends in IoT

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • Welcome
    • What you should know before watching this course
    • Using the exercise files
  • The Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Introduction to the “Internet of things”
    • Defining things
    • Exploring commercially available things
    • Exploring the IoT universe
    • Understanding sensors
    • Understanding effectors
    • Exploring connectivity options
    • Exploring iOS IoT features
  • Exploring Things
    • Understanding a typical IoT device
    • Creating command and control
    • Connecting inputs
    • Connecting outputs
    • Connecting to the network
  • Connecting to Things
    • Networking options
    • Connecting using Core Bluetooth
    • Understanding centrals and peripherals
    • Introducing the Bluetooth scanner app
    • Creating the Bluetooth scanner app
    • Scanning for peripherals
    • Scanning for services and characteristics
    • Detecting notification updates
    • Creating the Bluetooth peripheral app
    • Setting up advertising data
    • Updating a characteristic
    • Connecting using Wi-Fi
  • Using Apple iBeacon
    • Overview of iBeacon
    • Connecting to an iBeacon
    • Ranging and iBeacons
    • Using geofencing
    • Applying iBeacons
    • Demonstrating iBeacon
  • Creating Things
    • Overview of development options
    • Exploring the Texas Instruments SensorTag
    • Exploring the littleBits ecosystem
    • Exploring the DFRobot Bluno
    • Developing MyHomeWeather: Arduino
    • MyHomeWeather: iOS
    • Demonstrating our HomeLightz app
    • Developing HomeLightz: Hue and Raspberry Pi
    • Developing HomeLightz: iOS
  • Managing Your Things
    • Overview of the data tsunami
    • Using IFTTT for automation
    • Using Parse for notifications
    • Aggregating data from your things
  • The Future of IoT
    • Exploring the trends in IoT
    • Exploring iOS connectivity options
    • Finding more information
    • Expanding your build options
  • Conclusion
    • Next steps

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