Building Applications with iBeacon

Proximity and Location Services with Bluetooth Low Energy

Proximity and Location Services with Bluetooth Low Energy

Publisher: O’Reilly Media
Final Release Date: September 2014
Pages: 80

High-precision location information is increasingly useful for mobile application developers, since it allows devices to interact with the world around them. This practical book shows you how to achieve arm’s reach accuracy with iBeacons, simple transmitters that enable your applications to react to nearby surroundings and then deliver timely, relevant information—especially indoors, where GPS and cell service are inaccurate.

Whether you’re enabling a map, giving users directions, creating a game, recommending purchases, letting users check in, or creating an immersive experience, you’ll learn how iBeacons provide precise location information, empowering your applications to engage and interact with users nearby.

  • Get examples of several application types you can build with iBeacons
  • Learn how iBeacons provide applications with proximity information
  • Set up, activate, and test iBeacons on both specialized and general-purpose hardware
  • Explore the APIs and tools you need to develop location-aware mobile applications
  • Use built-in iOS features to interact with iBeacons, including Passbook
  • Build networks to help shoppers, travelers, conference attendees, and others find what they’re looking for

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Introduction
    1. Why iBeacons?
    2. Applications
    3. Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons
  2. Chapter 2 The iBeacon Protocol
    1. Bluetooth Basics of an iBeacon
    2. iBeacon Advertising Packet Contents
  3. Chapter 3 Setting Up Your Own Beacons
    1. Types of Hardware
    2. Activating a Beacon
  4. Chapter 4 Application Development
    1. Limitations on iBeacons
    2. Basic iBeacon Programming Functions
    3. Advanced iBeacon Programming Functions
    4. Security and Privacy
  5. Chapter 5 iOS and iBeacons
    1. iBeacon Development on iOS with Core Location
    2. iBeacon Monitoring with Core Location
    3. Ranging
  6. Chapter 6 Building iBeacon Networks
    1. Planning and Project Objectives
    2. Beacon Location Selection
    3. Project Checklist

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