Swift Crash Course

A No B.S. Guide to Building iOS Apps

A No B.S. Guide to Building iOS Apps
Publisher: No Starch Press
Final Release Date: January 2015 (est.)


If you know your Apple, you’ve heard of Swift, the sleek, streamlined new language that’s changing the game for hundreds of thousands of iOS and OS X app developers.

Swift isn’t just fast, powerful, and concise. It’s simple and stunning to work with in the new Xcode 6 IDE. It works seamlessly alongside Objective-C or on its own, so developers can add Swift code to apps in progress or start a new app that’s all Swift. If you want in on the language and IDE that make it easier than ever to get your work to the App Store, Swift Crash Course is your godsend.

Swift Crash Course teaches you the absolute essentials for building and deploying iOS 8 apps. Author Jameson Quave gives you a one-on-one, no-frills training session, starting with a lightning-fast run-through of Xcode and Swift basics, then going straight to the good stuff: designing, building, and perfecting your product.

In this book, you will:

  • create beautiful user interfaces with Xcode’s Interface Builder
  • use Xcode storyboards to design your apps
  • work with iOS controls, custom views, core animation, and table views
  • handle data and notifications
  • tailor content to your users’ locations

And that’s just a taste. Are you itching to make your own iOS 8 apps? Swift Crash Course will show you how, quickly and clearly. If you’ve programmed before and are eager to join the ranks of Apple developers, this is the book that will get you on the fast track to the App Store.


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