Learning To Program With Swift

Video Training

By T. Rogers
Publisher: Infinite Skills
Final Release Date: October 2014
Run time: 2 hours 52 minutes


In this Learning to Program with Swift training course, expert author T. Michael Rogers will teach you how to program with Swift for iOS and Mac OS. This course is designed for beginner and experienced developers, and knowledge of Java, C#, or other modern languages is recommended.
You will start with an introduction to Swift, including learning how to define constants and variables and learning about conditional statements and control flow statements. From there, Rogers will teach you about the Swift language features. This video tutorial will also cover Swift classes and inheritance, as well as enumerations, structures, generics, and operators. Finally, you will see Swift in action as you watch Rogers demonstrate a Master-Detail application.
Once you have completed this computer based training course, you will be fully capable of using Swift’s modern features to program for iOS and Mac OS. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction To Swift
    1. Welcome To The Course.mp4   02m  49s 
    2. Author Introduction.mp4 01m  14s 
    3. Introduction To Swift.mp4 02m  52s 
    4. Swift Vs Objective-C.mp4 03m  37s 
    5. How To Access Your Working Files.mp4 01m  15s 
    6. Xcode Playgrounds.mp4 03m  26s 
  2. Getting Started With Swift
    1. Defining Constants With Let.mp4 02m  28s 
    2. Defining Variables With Var.mp4 01m  08s 
    3. Type Annotations And Inference.mp4 05m  54s 
    4. Defining Functions.mp4 01m  22s 
    5. Function Parameters.mp4 05m  42s 
    6. In/Out Parameters.mp4 03m  47s 
    7. Tuples.mp4 03m  47s 
    8. Conditional Statements: If.mp4 01m  17s 
    9. Conditional Statements: Switch.mp4 04m  55s 
    10. Loops: For.mp4 01m  03s 
    11. Loops: For-In.mp4 03m  06s 
    12. Loops: While.mp4 01m  17s 
    13. Control Flow Statements.mp4 04m  21s 
  3. Swift Language Features
    1. Automatic Reference Counting Overview.mp4 04m  24s 
    2. Strong And Weak References In Arc.mp4 04m  43s 
    3. Closures Overview.mp4 mp4 mp4 mp4 mp4 04m  40s 
    4. Closure Capturing Values.mp4 02m  45s 
    5. Trailing Closures.mp4 01m  58s 
    6. Array Collections.mp4 05m  52s 
    7. Dictionaries.mp4 02m  51s 
  4. Swift Classes And Inheritance
    1. Classes.mp4 02m  17s 
    2. Class Initializers.mp4 05m  24s 
    3. Class Methods.mp4 03m  02s 
    4. Class Properties.mp4 03m  56s 
    5. Inheritance.mp4 02m  51s 
    6. Type Casting.mp4 03m  34s 
    7. The Anyobject.mp4 02m  40s 
    8. Defining Protocols.mp4 02m  04s 
    9. Implementing Protocols.mp4 05m  00s 
    10. Class Extensions.mp4 01m  37s 
  5. Swift Enumerations, Structures, Generics And Operators
    1. Enumerations.mp4 03m  24s 
    2. Associated Values.mp4 04m  30s 
    3. Enumeration Raw Values.mp4 02m  50s 
    4. Structures.mp4 04m  07s 
    5. Generic Functions.mp4 04m  28s 
    6. Generic Types.mp4 02m  29s 
    7. Optional Chaining.mp4 04m  37s 
    8. Bitwise Operators.mp4 05m  06s 
    9. And, Or, Xor.mp4 02m  44s 
    10. Overloading Operators.mp4 03m  51s 
  6. Swift In Action
    1. Master View: Task List.mp4 08m  42s 
    2. Detail View: Task Edit.mp4 09m  07s 
  7. Conclusion
    1. Review.mp4 01m  32s

Download Example Code


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