How to set ‘Safe Sleep’ on Mac OS X?

There could be times when you would need to be able to restore your programs in an event of a power outage. I’m assuming that this power outage is not a sudden one and your system would be given time to save the contents of RAM to hard disk or any other external storage medium. Like your UPS has started beeping to warn that it is going to shut down and you would turn your system to safe sleep. On your mac machine, open up Terminal App and run the following command to know what sleep mode your system is using:

pmset -g | grep hibernatemode

If the output value for hibernatemode not 3 (Safe Sleep), then run the following command to set it to 3:

sudo pmset -a hibernatemode 3

Now, you’re all set and you can safely turn your system to sleep. Now, you can even unplug the power but make sure that your system is gone in sleep mode by noticing that the light indicator is pulsating on and off slowly.


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